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Frequently asked questions about Banking Ombudsman


  1.  What disputes can the Banking Ombudsman look at?

The competences of the Banking Ombudsman include the settlement of civil law disputes (credit, deposit, plastic cards, remittances, etc.), upon an application of an applicant - a private individual who is a customer of a bank, seeking relief of 2000 (two thousand) USD at the most, expressed in manat and other currency equivalent at the applicable rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the date of the receipt of the application, and arising from the conclusion, revision, application or cancellation of deals with banks, but in no case concerning the conduct of business activities. At the same time, unless: a court decision settling the dispute on its merits entered into force, the Banking Ombudsman has previously considered the dispute, the Conciliation Agreement has been concluded thereon or the Ombudsman has adopted the decision settling the dispute on its merits, more than two years have elapsed from the event set forth in the application and from the alleged breach of a right, the problem set forth in the application is about the general banking business, a type of services provided by banks and banking policy, the problem set forth contain criminal and administrative offence elements in accordance with the applicable legislation, the case is about the pricing policy of a bank, the license of a financial institution, which was complained against, has been revoked or such financial institution has been dissolved.


  1.  What persons can apply to the Banking Ombudsman?

Individuals who have entered into a contract with the Bank may apply irrespective of their citizenship. 


  1.  Who can be  parties of dispute?

The parties of dispute may be a bank on the one hand, and the natural person or his authorized representative on the other.


  1.  Which Banks can be parties of dispute? 

All banks operating in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and members of the "Azerbaijan Banks Association" may be parties of dispute


  1.  What should be done before applying to the Banking Ombudsman?

Firstly, the plaintiffs should apply to the banks in which they are signing a contract, and should wait for a reply within 30 (thirty) working days from the bank. After the answer, if the customer is not satisfied with the answer,the Bank's client canapply to the Banking Ombudsman


  1.  How to apply to the Bankiing Ombudsman?

Apply to the Banking Ombudsman can be by e-mail, by mail and by visiting the Office of the Ombudsman. In each case, the necessary documents must be attached to the application.


  1.  What documents should be submitted to the Ombudsman?

Documents specified in Article 6.2 of the "Banking Ombudsman's Regulations" shall be submitted to the Ombudsman. With this Regulation, you can get acquainted at the bankombudsman.az website.


  1.  What period should the Ombudsman consider the dispute?

When the disputing parties are in Baku city- 1 (one) month, when the disputing parties are outside Baku city- 2 (two) months, when at least one of the parties is outside the Republic of Azerbaijan, the duration of examination of dispute should not be longer than 6 (six) months.


  1.  What are the parties' rights if the decision on the merits of the case is not implemented?

One of the parties has the right to grant the other party to the court for failure to comply with the decision. Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement will not constitute legal responsibility of the parties, including the Banks.


  1. İs it be charged for the application?

The consideration of disputes by the Banking Ombudsman shall be conducted free of charge.


AZ1014, Baku, Samad Vurgun street 43, World Business Center.
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